Jam Street, Whalley Range, Manchester

The best full english breakfast that I have had for a long time is in Jam Street, on the Saturday morning of a friend’s birthday.

The sign outside promises good food, real ale and eclectic events, it follows through on these promises. There is a very relaxed bohemian atmosphere to the place, with its mismatched furniture on an uneven checker board floor. Don’t expect the fastest service but also don’t expect to be hassled if you are taking your time.

There are two reasons that the breakfast was excellent.

Firstly they make a very good substantial breakfast with quality sausages, bacon, bury black pudding and the controversial addition of bubble & squeak as the potato products. I know it is a bit too pretentious but I liked the flower pots of toast.

In the evenings Jam Street is a bar that serves a limited menu of tasty food, the crucial thing is that they have beer on tap both real ale from Dunham Massey brewery or San Miguel and a good range of bottled beers. This is the second reason that the breakfast was excellent there is something a bit wrong about breakfast even a slightly late one with a pint that makes it better.

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