Interrupted Service

There are few things more unforgiveable in blogging than not regularly updating and that is something that I have been guilty of in recent times. There is a combination of reasons for this transgression but the main issue that has recently been is that I have moved house and there was a period when the internet was a thing that I remembered from the old house but did not know of in the new house. Sorry for the interruption but it should be back to regular updates from now.
This has meant that there has been a period when updating the blog has been impossible I have not lost my keen interest in food or ale but I have not been able to communicate the exciting experiences in their full descriptions, but the best things that I have done are due to be published in the next few weeks. These include my discovery of Caribbean food, moving close to a great bar and some brilliant recipes that I have been cooking.
The new house features a much better oven than the old house so we are able to do much more baking, which is great.
The most exciting things are the ones we don’t expect. Coming home to find the wife has made a really delicious carrot cake. It is both a good surprise and I am sure the best way to get one of my five a day fruit or veg. It is surprising how quickly you can get used to not having a fully functioning oven, but when you get one back it is like discovering a whole new world, I feel like Miranda in the tempest “Oh brave new world” whilst all of you are out there thinking like Prospero “Tis New to thee”
What a revelation oven cooking is, I have even managed to make the homemade pork scratchings in last post and they are really delicious. Any way it means that we are cooking a lot of roast dinners and the wife who is magic with cakes is turning out some things that are a revelation in the lunch box.

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